7 Questions to Ask your Mom - Before it’s too late

Ever feel a pang of longing for a connection you don't quite have with your mom, even though you talk to her regularly? We speak on the phone, catch up on birthdays and holidays, but sometimes it feels like there's a whole other side to her – a side I don't quite know. Maybe distance has created a gap, or maybe life just got busy. Well, recently, I decided to bridge that gap. With a steaming mug of teh tarik (because distance can't stop a good Malaysian tradition!), I sat down with my mom and asked her some questions I'd never really considered before.

Let me tell you, it was a revelation! Turns out, the woman who made the best nasi lemak this side of Penang and doled out tough love with a side of endless patience had a whole other dimension to her. So, here are 7 questions I asked my mom, and the profound answers that changed the way I see her:

  1. What's your happiest memory of us? Her eyes softened as she reminisced, not about a grand vacation, but about a simple afternoon spent picnicking at the park. We were just a small family, a blanket spread beneath the rustling leaves, but the joy in that memory spoke volumes about the importance of everyday moments and the love that binds us.

  2. What was the first year of motherhood like for you? This one brought a bittersweet smile. She spoke of the overwhelming love, the sleepless nights, the constant worry that comes with cradling a tiny piece of your heart in your arms. It wasn't just about the sacrifices, but the fierce determination to nurture a new life, to build a foundation of love and strength.

  3. Is there anything about our family history you've kept secret? A flicker of surprise crossed her face. Then, with a hesitant smile, she spoke of a hidden talent. Apparently, my quiet, practical mom had once dreamt of being a writer! She confessed to filling notebooks with stories as a teenager, her imagination a vibrant world waiting to be explored. Though life took a different path, the memory sparked a light in her eyes, a reminder of the dreams we all hold inside us, even the ones we tuck away.

  4. What's the nicest thing I've ever done for you? Here, a tear glistened in her eye. It wasn't the grand gestures she recalled, but the quiet moments of connection. The time I sat patiently and listened to her worries, the unexpected hug after a long day, the simple act of being present. These, she confessed, were the things that truly warmed her heart.

  5. What do you want or wish most for your kids? Her voice softened, her gaze filled with a love that transcended words. "Happiness," she whispered, "but not just fleeting joy. True happiness – the kind that comes from purpose, from love, from living a life you're proud of." It was a reminder that her greatest wish wasn't just for comfort, but for us to find our own fulfilling paths.

  6. What have been the best and worst parts about getting older? This sparked a conversation filled with wisdom. She spoke of the bittersweet passage of time, the joys of watching her children grow, the aches and pains that come with life's journey. But most importantly, she spoke of the beauty of perspective, of appreciating the simple things, and of the unwavering love that only grows stronger with time.

  7. What's one thing you want me to always remember after you're gone? This one hung heavy in the air. Her voice, thick with emotion, spoke of the fierce love a mother carries, the unwavering belief in her child's potential. "Never lose sight of who you are," she said, "your dreams, your values, your compassion. The world needs your light." It was a powerful reminder of the legacy we carry, the love that shapes us, and the responsibility to live a life that honors those who came before.

So, there you have it!. Asking these questions wasn't just informative, it was transformative. It opened a doorway to a deeper understanding of the woman who raised me, the woman who continues to inspire me. So, grab a cup of teh tarik, turn off the distractions, and have a real conversation with your mom. You might be surprised by the depths you discover, the connections you forge, and the love that binds you closer than ever before.

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